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VIDEO: AquaChile's Puchi talks success, challenges and milestones

Salmon industry veteran reflects on how far the industry has come in 30 years.

AquaChile President Victor Hugo Puchi, who recently agreed to sell his stake in the company to Agrosuper as part of an $850 million (€736 million) deal, looked back on the 30 years of development in the salmon farming sector, reminding those gathered at the recent AquaSur conference of the hurdles the salmon industry has overcome since he began as one of the pioneers.

“This is not Norway, a country that exports 80 percent of its salmon as whole because it has its main market next door. We had to create competitiveness through value-added,” Puchi said at a ceremony during AquaSur honoring his contributions.

“We had to remove the skin, remove the bones, take to the market just the bits that consumers wanted to eat to make transport costs competitive.”

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Many people don’t know the progress made by the industry in social aspects, Puchi said.

“I am from the south. I knew life in the south when we started, and I knew poverty. There were not many alternatives for employment, and we created them,” he said.

Over the past three decades there has been major development in the salmon industry in the country, positioning Chile as one of the main producers in the world alongside far larger economies, Puchi noted.

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“It is remarkable that we compete with Norway, the second wealthiest nation in the world, with Scotland, with Canada -- all bigger powers than Chile,” Puchi said.

“Thirty years ago our country used to export fishmeal and fish oil at $500 to $700 (€438-€613) per metric ton; now we have incorporated salmon, and a portion of those marine protein is exported at $5,000 (€4,380), $6,000 or $7,000 per metric ton, that is multiplying value.”

These are accomplishments that are sometimes too obvious to be recognized, he said.

During his speech, Puchi called for higher collaboration from authorities, and for a better and more efficient regulation.

“There is tremendous room for improvement in efficiencies in Chile, and this is not criticism, this is an incentive to encourage us to always look for what’s best for the country," he said.

Watch the video of Puchi’s speech at the AquaSur official dinner below.

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