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Norway rejects new salmon farming concepts from NovaSea, Cermaq, Gigante

Applications for development licenses were denied for Nova Sea, Cermaq Norway and Gigante Offshore.

Norwegian authorities have rejected the following salmon farm development licenses as of Oct. 26:

  • Nova Sea's Spider Cage (a closed offshore plant), which applied for four permits in Nordland
  • Ceramq Norway's Flexifarm (a closed floating farm), which applied for 13 permits in Nordland and Finnmark
  • Gigante Offshore, and offshore operation that applied for nine permits in Nordland

All three applications were rejected because the concepts, according to Norway's Fisheries Directorate, do not meet the requirements for "significant innovation."

Decisions can be appealed. IntraFish's overview of applications and their status can be viewed HERE.

Fast facts: Norwegian aquaculture development licences

  • Development licenses are a special scheme for salmon and trout farming in Norway.
  • The purpose is to facilitate technology that can contribute to solving challenges in the aquaculture industry.
  • Development licensing is a temporary scheme open for applications for two years, with application period ended Nov. 17, 2017.
  • Licenses are granted free of charge, but can, after certain criteria are met, be converted to ordinary licenses for NOK 10 million (€1 million/$1.2 million) (CPI-adjusted) per license. One license equals 780 metric tons maximum allowable biomass (MAB).
  • The Norwegian Directory of Fisheries has received more than 104 applications, which include more than 898 licenses.

Source: The Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries /

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