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Chilean developers get offshore salmon farm patent

The structure can produce up to 3,900 metric tons of fish.

Chilean developer Ocean Arks Tech received a patent for its Ocean Ark offshore farming technology from Chile’s National Institute of Industrial Property (INAPI).

The structure is a 60-meter-wide and 170-meter-long vessel that can produce up to 3,900 metric tons of fish.

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The concept is an “efficient and eco-friendly propulsion system that monitors water conditions maintaining always the best oxygen levels,” according to the company.

The structure does not need to be anchored to a particular area and can move autonomously. It has 450 metric tons of storage and room for six to 20 crew.

“The farming center of hydrobiological species comprises a self-propulsion system, a farming area, a ribs or skeleton system, and a series of high resistance and weight nets, and a hydrodynamic prow,” the patent says.

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