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BioMar relays sustainability message to consumers

The group's head of global branding and communications focuses on consumers to make better seafood purchasing decisions.

Danish feed giant BioMar's Global Branding and Communications Katherine Bryar joined the US-based global community of brand innovators Sustainable Brands Oceans' Advisory Board to inspire brand change and help consumers make better seafood choices.

The group came in contact with the feed giant because of the plenty of initiatives it has taken to sourcing and traceability in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) world.

"Our sustainability role is really recognizing what is happening at the end consumer side and how we can actually drive change," Bryar told IntraFish. "We need to inspire the end consumer even though we may be way down in the value chain."

The partnership is an example of how the industry can work together with the conservation community to promote a better future for oceans.

"We look at products and make them more sustainable in terms of minimizing their impact on the environment, replenish the ocean or farm the ocean in a good way," Bryar said.

Sustainable Brands Oceans will host a conference this November in Porto, Portugal joining experts from across the supply chain to come up with proactive solutions to protect the oceans moving forward.

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BioMar recognizes its ability to make a difference particularly since feed is responsible for 80 percent of fish production impacts on the eco-system, Bryar said.

Bryar works with the BioMar sustainability team focusing on relaying sustainability messages in consumer language and moving away from technical wordings and jargon.

The giant previously teamed with US-based Blue Circle Foods, Whole Foods and Norwegian salmon farmer Kvaroy to offer salmon with the lowest levels of marine contaminants in the market.

"We have been supporting our customers and retailers but are now looking at inspiring consumers as part of BioMar's continuous stride on making a difference in the industry," Bryar said.

BioMar has been partnered with Sustainable Brands for several years now and taking inspiration from what other brands are doing, but Bryar is the only BioMar exec on the Advisory Board now.

The new appointment will help drive products out of the commodity mindset and into a branded product.

BioMar announced a new smartphone tool for consumers to trace sustainability practices in aquaculture from the farm to the environmental impact of all raw materials.

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"We can see in a number of research projects not conducted by BioMar that new generations are becoming more aware and want to make an impact, which is why we built the tools to help customers in their purchase decisions based on elements of importance to them," Bryar said.

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