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Wood-based farmed salmon feed gets scientists' approval

The study into the feed found the 'same results' as fishmeal and no changes in fish mortalities.

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Agricultural-biotechnology company Arbiom announced that SylPro, its alternative feed for Atlantic salmon made from wood, has successfully passed a scientific study testing its nutritional performance.

The study was conducted by Matis Icelandic Food & Biotech R&D as part of the SYLFEED project, a four-year project funded by Bio Based Industries Joint Undertaking under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program. SYLFEED aims to scale Arbiom’s Wood to Food Technology.

The study's findings indicate that SylPro can adequately replace fishmeal or plant-based proteins for Atlantic salmon and deliver the same results at up to a 20 percent inclusion level, the company reported.

There was "no statistical difference in body weight gain" between the two, as well as no difference in fish mortality.

Arbiom is located in North Carolina and operates a pilot plant in Norton, Virginia.

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