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Newfoundland farmed salmon mortalities cost Mowi $5.5 million

Mowi says half of Northern Harvest farmed salmon dead, admits failure in reporting mortalities

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The recent mass fish die off on the Coast of Bays, Newfoundland, Canada, will cost Mowi a one-off net cost of €5 million ($5.5 million) with an impact on harvest volumes of around 1,000 metric tons.

Around 2.6 million fish, approximately 5,000 metric tons of biomass, died in the event, which is thought to have been caused by prolonged high seawater temperatures creating low oxygen conditions. The fish were insured.

As a result Newfoundland and Labrador's Department of Fisheries and Land Resources suspended 10 of Mowi Canada's 47 licences.

Mowi Canada holds in total 59 licenses in Canada East, of which 47 are in Newfoundland and 12 in New Brunswick.

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