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  • Get ready to fight fake fish

    Vegan tuna, vegan salmon, vegan shrimp, vegan fish and chips – what should the seafood industry do about its new competitor?

    Commentary  intrafish.com 7 hours old


    Seafood Buyer Survey: Which country produces the best farmed salmon?

    Are you a retail or foodservice seafood buyer? If so, IntraFish wants to know which country you believe produces the best farmed Atlantic salmon. Below is a link to a very short survey we would like you to complete. With so much top-quality farmed salmon in the market, we got to wondering which country is perceived by buyers as the source of the world’s best farmed salmon. Your answers are com

    Marketplace  intrafish.com 16 hours old


    This Week's Must-Read Seafood Headlines: Spanish smuggling; robots rise; pollock cold war; salmon numbers

    This past week started off with a bang with the news American Seafoods – America's largest fishing quota holder of Alaska pollock – is once again looking for new investors. Sparked by the news, Editor-in-Chief Drew Cherry, turned analyst, delving deeper to give readers an idea of who is likely to snap up the company, or at least who is in the market for a pollock giant. Like last week, land-b

    NEWS  intrafish.com 19 hours old

    Bakkafrost names new CFO

    Høgni Jakobsen has background in management consulting.

    Aquaculture  intrafish.com 21 hours old

    US canner debuts new sardine salads

    Moroccan-caught sardines are presented in three new flavors and packaging for the retail market.

    Processor  intrafish.com 21 hours old

    NOAA official: Debunked IUU report threatened Alaska's reputation

    NOAA's Chris Oliver is grateful for the retraction of a controversial science paper that threatened the reputation of Alaska seafood, and he hopes it doesn't happen again.

    Fisheries  intrafish.com 15 Feb 12:15 GMT

    Mowi to invest in Eastern Canada as division shines

    Canadian operations overall delivered stronger earnings per kilo, though the country faced higher costs from health issues, protesters and First Nations negotiations.

    Finance  intrafish.com 15 Feb 12:15 GMT

    Norwegian salmon prices expected to rise next week

    Most suppliers are expecting an upswing based on stormy conditions in the North and higher future prices.

    Prices  intrafish.com 15 Feb 12:14 GMT

    Agrosuper's salmon exports exceed $900 million in 2018

    The combined share of Chilean salmon exports by all the groups now under Agrosuper was 18.2%.

    Aquaculture  intrafish.com 15 Feb 12:14 GMT

    Shrimp prices crash on flooded US market through 2018

    Despite a slight uptick in November, year-on-year totals show a steady slide in shrimp prices in the world's largest import market.

    Prices  intrafish.com 15 Feb 12:13 GMT