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Dutch seafood processor acquires new facility for logistics expansion

The renovations will be complete by Nov. 2019.

Netherlands-based seafood importer and exporter Sea Fresh is expanding logistics operations by acquiring family-owned fish processor Korf Vis’s building near its operations facility.

Sea Fresh plans to move all its logistical activities to the newly purchased 2,250 square-meter building, as well as make space for a packing, defrosting and marinating operations.

“We currently run all logistics from the production facility and it’s quite small and decreasing our efficiency,” Commercial Director Sjoerd Ras told IntraFish.

In addition to being fresh seafood wholesalers, Sea Fresh also taps into the consumer market through its own product line. One of the company’s main lines is fresh yellowfin tuna sourced and processed in its factory in Sri Lanka.

Other species in which the business specializes include freshwater fish such as pike, North sea fish such as sole and turbot, lobster, oysters and farmed salmon and seabass.

The Urk-based company doesn’t expect any turnover increase following the acquisition because it was solely purchased for logistics and not production. Ras did not disclose the purchase price of the building.

The land between Korf Vis’s formerly owned building and Sea Fresh’s building will be used for storage.

The company's total parcel increased to 8,500 square-meters through this acquisition.

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