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Chinese industry groups launch sustainable squid project

The project is aimed at the better management of East China Sea and Yellow Sea squid.

US and Chinese seafood industry groups, fishermen and sustainable seafood groups have launched the East China Sea and Yellow Sea Squid fishery improvement project (FIP).

The FIP is led by the China Aquatic Products Processing and Marketing Alliance (CAPPMA), Zhangzhou and Ocean Outcomes (O2). Its founding members are also Sea Farms, and PanaPesca.

Its aim is to improve the management and fishing practices of Chinese trawl, purse seine, and gillnet vessels targeting Japanese flying squid (JFS). On the Chinese side of East China Sea and Yellow Sea alone, annual JFS production can approach 30,000 metric tons.

“Around a third to half of all squid passes through a Chinese seafood supply chain, whether caught, processed, traded, or consumed,” said He Cui, who heads CAPPMA. “Given CAPPMA’s commitment to both domestic and global seafood sustainability, it’s in our interest to ensure a future where all squid stocks are healthy. This project will help us explore a path forward.”

The FIP will work to address areas of concern through implementation of a five year improvement work plan designed, in part, to establish science-based stock assessments and bycatch monitoring protocols, harvest rules fit to JFS one-year lifecycles, and traceability systems to verify and track locations of harvest.

The FIP also includes Quirch Foods, Seachill, Marks & Spencer, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, and local Chinese suppliers Genho, IG and the Zhejiang Industry Group.

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