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Canada unveils new seafood marketing campaign

Differentiating Canadian seafood from other international competitors is a key part of the strategy,

The Fisheries Council of Canada (FCC) on Wednesday launched a new branding and marketing strategy it is calling "Canadian Seafood."

The trade group debuted the campaign at the 2018 China Fisheries and Seafood Expo in Qingdao, China.

“Now is the time to brand under Canadian Seafood, because international competition is fierce and we’ve seen Canada’s global market share slip from first place to eighth place in recent years,” said Paul Lansbergen, president of FCC.

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Global population growth, increased seafood consumption and Canada's efforts to secure market access through trade agreements offer growth opportunities for the sector, he said. "This is why we are taking the next step to strategically showcase Canada’s sector to the international community.”

The marketing effort showcases the diversity of Canada’s seafood sector, and offers the industry a way to highlight Canada’s achievements.

“Canada’s seafood industry is the most export-sensitive sector in the Canadian food manufacturing sector, with almost 80 percent of production destined for foreign markets and accounting for CAD7 billion in exports in 2017,” said Lansbergen.

“Through Canadian Seafood, we’re starting a conversation with international customers and other audiences about Canada’s best-in-class food safety regime, world-leading sustainable harvesting and international certification, reliable exporters, and of course our excellent product,”

Differentiating Canadian seafood from other international competitors is a key part of the strategy, and a large part of that is focusing on Canada’s unique geography, he said.

“We’re the only country that can boast commercial fisheries operations on three oceans and a large inland freshwater fishery, so we made that the centrepiece of the strategy: ‘3 oceans, 2 million lakes, 1 place’,” says Lansbergen.

“What that translates to is a diverse mix of seafood products that we can offer our customers. Canadian seafood really has something for everyone and we look forward to advancing the next chapter of Canada’s vibrant seafood industry.”

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