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SeaPak forecasts 'strong year' with strengthening frozen food sales

US frozen processor is targeting new breaded calamari line at broad demographic groups ranging from millennials to baby boomers.

SeaPak Shrimp & Seafood Company expects to post strong growth this year, helped by the launch of its new breaded calamari product.

With frozen food sales increasing overall, consumer demand for seafood – and especially new options in seafood -- also has been on the rise, SeaPak Marketing Manager Leslie Harris Thomas told IntraFish.

"We are on track to complete a strong year in 2019," Thomas said.

The new calamari line will be targeted at broad demographic groups ranging from millennials to baby boomers.

The St. Simons, Georgia-based company, which has revenues of $205 million (€228.5 million), said it expects the product, which includes a portion of tomato romano sauce, to become an everyday item available at all major national retail chains in the near future.

The frozen seafood processor, which gets all of its revenue from retail sales, said consumers have been demanding a sustainably sourced frozen calamari product for a long time.

"We’re also noticing a stronger consumer preference for brands that have an authentic sourcing and sustainability story to tell, and we certainly have one of those stories," Thomas said.

Through product development, marketing and merchandising, SeaPak said it has done a good job of keeping up with evolving consumer tastes and preferences, a key driver of the brand’s growth.

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