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Young's Seafood puts labor, trade plan in place as Brexit looms

The company is focusing on key areas to avoid supply disruptions.

UK fish processing giant Young's Seafood is implementing a plan in preparation for Brexit, mainly focusing on three key areas: tariff terms, standards and labor.

Since the Brexit vote in 2016, Young's Seafood worked on shaping its position around the issue through collaboration with the Security Industry Authority (SIA), and the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, a spokesperson at Young's told IntraFish during a visit to the company's headquarters in Grimsby.

"In what is a very complicated process, there are three areas we must have a positive outcome on and we have been consistent on these for the past two years," the spokesperson said.

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In addition, Young's Seafood briefs ministers and brings together seafood businesses to keep governmental decision makers in the loop of any challenges impacting the catching and processing sector.

After taking on the new role as UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson said UK fishing waters will not be sacrificed in a new Brexit deal during his visit to Scotland.

The main priorities for the company are to ease the transition and to ensure the best possible tariff terms, the spokesperson said.

To mitigate the impact of Brexit, Young's is reviewing any potential scenarios to help maintain supply to customers uninterrupted, running a risk assessment of its supply chains, increasing the stock of key raw materials, and working with suppliers to have more consignment stock cover.

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"We expect at least the same levels of sustainability legality and traceability in any future UK fisheries arrangements we currently see within European Union regulations," the Young's spokesperson said.

Young's also wants to ensure the country remains an attractive destination for seasonal labor in case of a no-deal Brexit.

"Following the original March deadline, we have continued to communicate our industry's needs through hosting the Minister of State for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food at our offices in Grimsby," the spokesperson told IntraFish.

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