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UK processor lands Aldi trial contract for whitefish

The company is increasing its sales estimations by 25% this year.

UK-based processor Copernus landed a trial contract with retailer Aldi for three products under the supplier's branded Hooked on Fish line, Managing Director Dean Simpson told IntraFish.

The trial has been underway for the last 12 weeks in select stores.

"The listings in Aldi have come, not as a shock, but quicker than we expected," Simpson said.

"When you're trialing products, normally these trials usually take a very long time, but we got a call just last week asking for the products to be launched straight away."

The company currently also sells to Costco and Lidl, and is on track to reach a turnover of £40 million (€43.2 million/$48.4 million) this year, the top exec said, roughly 25 percent higher than its original estimation.

The new Aldi products include cod fillet, cod loin, and smoked haddock, which are mainly sourced from Norway, Russia and Iceland.

"At the moment, the brand is only listed in Aldi but obviously our plan is to look at other retailers that may want an independent brand instead of their own label," he said.

Simpson expects decisions regarding the terms of a long-term contract will be made in the next few weeks, but said the trial has so far been successful.

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