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Pacific Andes, Alibaba subsidiary strike strategic partnership - Pacific Andes平洋恩利与阿里巴巴子公司建立战略合作伙伴关系

Deal will give Pacific Andes' products access to millions of new clients across the country.

Chinese processing group Pacific Andes reached a deal with Alibaba Group supply chain subsidiary Win-Chain to supply branded and private label products through the e-commerce giant's national network.

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Under the terms of the deal, Win-Chain will use Pacific Andes' global sourcing network to supply the Chinese market with frozen and value-added seafood.

Pacific Andes will process products both at its Hongdao factory, and other affiliate facilities.

The Pacific Andes products, including its Yu brand, will be distributed via the Tmall retail platform, Auchan, Sanjiang, RT-Mart, Hema and other members of the Ali "Ecosystem."

Cargill, Camposol, Norebo and Thai Union are also currently partnered with Win-Chain as strategic suppliers.

Pacific Andes' Jessie Ng told IntraFish Wednesday at the companies' co-branded stand at the China Fisheries and Seafood Expo that the deal is a "win-win for everyone."

"We've always wanted to transform, and do more for the growing Chinese market," Ng said.

Through its network, Win-Chain can reach some 900 million consumers in over 300 Chinese cities. The company can process 360,000 orders a day, and deliver within one hour to 21 of those cities.

Currently, the deal includes only frozen products, but Ng said fresh products remain a possibility in the future.

The deal is a boon for Pacific Andes, which is in the midst of a Chapter 11 restructuring of some of its operations.


Pacific Andes平洋恩利与阿里巴巴子公司建立战略合作伙伴关系

该项协议将令Pacific Andes平洋恩利的产品进入全国数百万的新客户市场。

Pacific Andes 平洋恩利与阿里巴巴集团供应链旗下的云象供应链达成协议,借助该电子商务巨头的全国网络供应该品牌及自有品牌产品。

根据该协议条款,云象供应链将利用Pacific Andes平洋恩利的全球采购网络,向中国市场供应冷冻海鲜及附加值产品。

Pacific Andes平洋恩利将同时在其红岛工厂及其他附属机构进行产品加工。

包括渔大师品牌在内的Pacific Andes平洋恩利产品将通过天猫零售平台、欧尚超市、三江购物、大润发超市、盒马鲜生以及其他阿里“生态系统”的成员进行分销。


周三,Pacific Andes平洋恩利的黄培园(Jessie Ng)女士在中国国际渔业博览会该公司的联合品牌展位上,向IntraFish表示,该项合作“对所有人而言都是共赢的”。




该协议对于正在依据破产法第11章的规定对部分业务进行重组中的Pacific Andes平洋恩利来说,是一大利好消息。

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