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Multiexport CEO Andres Lyon: 'High expectations for Chinese salmon demand'

Further foothold in China and other emerging markets, along with demand increases and limited supply set the company up for a strong year.

Company profile: Multiexport Foods

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In an era of slow growth in salmon supply globally, Multiexport is one of the few companies in Chile in a position to grow organically.

The company stocked its first eggs in Magallanes in 2018, and will gradually settle in the region, achieving moderate growth as it develops existing and new markets with strategic offices around the world.

Andres Lyon, CEO of Multiexport, told IntraFish the most important developments in this past year and his expectations for the company and the salmon industry in 2019.

What were the most significant developments for your business in 2018?

There were a few, some of them are directly related to Multiexport and others were more general but were definitely important:

  • The success of our smoked product range Latitude 45 in the US market, a year after its launch.
  • The start of our operations in Magallanes (Region XII), which will allow for a gradual organic growth increasing our regional presence.
  • The publication of our first Sustainability Report, which had a great acceptance by stakeholders.
  • The appointment of a commercial executive in Hong Kong to target the Chinese market directly. He will lead our expansion in this market in collaboration with Mitsui's office network.
  • The increase in salmon demand both in traditional and emerging markets.

Looking ahead, what will be the three most important seafood industry developments in 2019?

  • The limited growth of global supply of farmed salmon.
  • The high expectations of a continuous increase in salmon demand from China and other emerging markets.
  • The execution of the Chilean Salmon Marketing Council (CSMC) strategies, aimed at strengthening the Chilean salmon brand and image in the United States and increasing salmon consumption through improved positioning.

What challenges and opportunities do you expect your business to see next year?

  • Keeping the high level of productivity and the generally good sanitary conditions in salmon production in Chile.
  • The expansion of salmon consumption in the United States with new ways of commercialization (such as skin pack), new products and new brands.
  • Again, the increase in demand of salmon and the restricted global increase in supply.

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