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Last Week’s Must-Read Seafood Headlines: More Trump tariffs; Taking the reins on shrimp supply; US offshore aquaculture; and Mowi Donuts

Find out what was making the seafood headlines last week.

Easter is just around the corner, and many are either already on holiday or gearing up for the break, but that doesn’t mean the world of seafood news comes grinding to a halt.

To prove it we’ve compiled a list of the must-read stories from last week which, in case you missed them, you can use as holiday reading – enjoy!

Last week we had stories on the time being right to develop US offshore aquaculture; heard how Vietnamese shrimp giant Quoc Viet Seafood is making a dramatic shift to take the reins on its supply; and Mowi's first branded products hit stores in Poland and consumers couldn’t get enough.

Speaking of Mowi, the company was also given the greenlight for two permits for its 'Donut' salmon farming concept during the week, and analysts told how the company’s earnings could hit nearly €200 million in the first quarter of this year.

As part of its ongoing reorganization, the Association of Genuine Alaska Pollock Producers (GAPP) agreed on a "Year 2" strategic plan during the week, and the group’s CEO told IntraFish that it will be a unified messaging that focuses on the product versus the form will that drive demand.

In addition, US-based companies High Liner, True North and Fishpeople, were unveiled among the winners of Alaska pollock funding from GAPP during the week.

Trump was back again threatening tariffs on $11 billion in EU imports including salmon, and other seafood, which the NOAA’s representative in Europe called a "wake-up call" to EU countries.

We heard how Egypt’s massive tilapia sector is primed for global expansion and how Danish seafood giant Kangamiut's African tilapia start-up is also gaining ground.

Meanwhile, Chilean fishing giants Camanchaca, Landes, and Blumar raised alarm over potentially 'unconstitutional' changes coming to the country’s quota system; we revealed how the Bristol Bay 2019 salmon forecast is down from last season; and Atlantic Sapphire's Miami salmon reached the next stage of production.

We had an exclusive with the new CEO of HB Grandi who told us of the company’s strategy which include investments, efficiency and integration. HB Grandi also appointed a new chairman over the week.

The week also saw Russian Fishery Company kick off construction of its second new super-trawler, while another Russian shipyard launched a new value-added groundfish vessel.

BioMar became the latest feed giant to speak out on the Brazilian soy controversy, claiming it can confirm all its suppliers of Brazil soy are in legal compliance, but also conceding “pirate soy” is a problem.

Back in the United States, Phillips Foods reported a crab theft of "thousands and thousands of pounds", while tuna trading giant Tri Marine revealed it has been looking to "deepen its relationship" with its significant shareholder Bolton for some time and that conversations are continuing.

Towards the end of the week, fishing groups in Canada were clashing with scientists over setting the 2019 northern cod catch limit, and Mitsui revealed it is in talks to buy a stake in Ecuadorian shrimp giant Santa Priscila.

And finally, and perhaps unsurprisingly, we reported how the latest Brexit developments are adding a "whole new level of uncertainty" for the seafood industry.

But that was far from all that happened last week, so sign up to our Editor’s Picks newsletter to make sure you stay abreast.

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