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US land-based producer's future hangs in the balance

Future of Maine yellowtail business expected to be sorted out within 60 days.

Maine-based yellow tail producer Acadia Harvest expects to make a decision on the future of the business within the next two months.

The land-based producer, founded in 2011, was producing 3 metric tons of California yellowtail annually under a pilot program before partners called a halt to production to evaluate the future of the business.

“We still haven’t decided exactly what we are going to do,” Acadia Harvest Partner Christopher Heinig told IntraFish. “We still have a few things to straighten out and agree on before we go forward.”

Partners could opt to close the business or seek fresh investment.

Acadia lists its partners as the University of Maine Center for Cooperative Aquaculture Research,the Maine Technology Institute, rural development lender Coastal Enterprises and the National Science Foundation.

The company also trialed black seabass production but found the growing time is too long in colder waters.

Acadia has also completed production of oysters under a National Science Foundation grant.

“The yellowtail holds a lot of possibilities,” Heinig said.

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