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Ecuador outlaws enrofloxacin antibiotic

The measure is aimed at avoiding trade repercussions with countries where the antibiotic is not approved.

The government of Ecuador is outlawing the import, distribution and use of products whose main active ingredient is the enrofloxacin antibiotic in aquaculture.

The move is aimed at complying with international sanitary control provisions to avoid repercussions with target markets.

The fluorquinolone type antibiotic is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States, a significant market for Ecuador shrimp exports.

The rules banning the antibiotic will be enacted nine months from now, following a transition period.

Starting now, importers and distributors will be required to keep detailed records of sales they have made of products containing the antibiotic.

In addition, those currently holding stocks of enrofloxacin antibiotic have 45 days to declare them to authorities.

“No evidence of the presence of residues of this antibiotic has been found in the results of the analysis of the samples from the Waste Monitoring Plan taken in the cultivated shrimp (larval and on farms)," a letter from the Ecuadorian Ministry of Fisheries and Aquaculture seen by IntraFish said.

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