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New bluefin tuna processing plant in Canada targets market expansion

The facility required a $400,000 (€357,451) investment.

Long-time tuna buyer, Jason Tompkins, has opened a bluefin tuna processing facility in Prince Edward Island, Canada, reported CBC.

The facility cost $300,000 (€268,088) to build, with an additional $100,000 (€89,363) for equipment. Traditional Japanese knives are used to fillet the tuna.

Tompkins said the federally-certified plant, under the company One Tuna, is a first for Canada.

Processed cuts of bluefin tuna, in weights of between 10 and 20 pounds, will be exported to markets that weren't previously viable for the company when it was selling fish whole, including China, Korea, the Middle East, and Europe.

Prior to the facility, exports were mainly going to Canada, the United States and Japan.

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