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IntraFish Price Tracker Week 38: Fishmeal, fish oil prices leveling out

Norwegian Atlantic salmon prices are feeling the pain of higher volumes.

Fishmeal, fish oil prices remain stable

Average prices for fishmeal and fish oil, composite of Peru and Chile, only saw a slight change in August, when compared to the previous month, according to The Marine Ingredients Organisation IFFO.

Contracted prices for fishmeal, super prime, slightly declined from $1,623 (€1,382) per metric ton in July to $1,618.80 (€1,378) per metric ton in August.

Average contracted prices for fish oil, super prime, saw a slight increase, from $1,300 (€1,107) per metric ton to $1,353.80 (€1,152) per metric ton month-on-month.

Higher volumes putting pressure on Norwegian salmon prices

Norwegian salmon prices are forecast to slip down in the coming weeks, as harvesting volumes are expected to ramp up, according to market players.

With sea lice problems and farmers reaching the limit for maximum biomass (MTB) permits, harvesting is bound to go up in the coming period, several players told IntraFish Friday, resulting in a fall in prices.

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Nasdaq: Salmon prices slip in week 37

Norwegian farmed salmon prices were down by NOK ­2.65 (€0.45/$0.52) per kilo in week 37, which was 4.2 percent lower than they were the week prior, according to the latest figures from Nasdaq.

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Brisk North Sea brown shrimp market facing collapse

Stocks of North Sea brown shrimp are back to the levels of 2015 after two years of low catches, which is having a positive effect on demand but a negative impact on prices -- a situation that could lead to a collapse of the market toward the end of the year.

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