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Norwegian salmon prices dropping as higher volumes hit markets

Prices are forecast to decline by NOK 2-3 per kilogram into the new week.

Prices for Norwegian Atlantic salmon are dropping heading into next week, as higher volumes are hitting markets, industry members told IntraFish Friday.

Prices are down NOK 2 (€0.21/$0.24) to NOK 3 (€0.32/$0.37) per kilogram, approaching levels of NOK 50 (€5.30/$6.10) per kilogram.

"There is pressure on prices, especially for smaller sizes," one importer told IntraFish. "This is partly due to higher slaughter volumes both in northern and western Norway."

One exporter said currency exchanges rates are also having an impact. This week, the Norwegian krona has strengthened against the euro.

One farmer reiterated the notion, announcing a drop in pricing. According to him, they started declining on Wednesday.

IntraFish was informed of the following prices:

Sizes 3-4 kg -- NOK 50 (€5.30/$6.10) to NOK 51 (€5.40/$6.20) per kg

Sizes 4-5 kg -- NOK 51 (€5.40/$6.20)to NOK 53 (€5.60/$6.50) per kg

Sizes 5-6 kg -- NOK 54 (€5.70/$6.60)to NOK 56 (€5.90/$6.90) per kg

Sizes 6+ kg -- around NOK 63 (€6.70/$7.70) per kg

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