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Nasdaq: salmon prices slip again in week 39

Average prices were up from a month ago as well as three months ago.

Norwegian farmed salmon prices were down by NOK ­0.57 (€0.06/$0.07) per kilo in week 39, which was 1 percent lower than they were the week prior, according to the latest figures from Nasdaq.

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The average price for salmon during the week was NOK 57.44 (€6.08/$7.02) per kilo, which was up NOK 6.15 (€0.65/0.75) per kilo, or 3 percent higher than a month ago. Average prices were also up 3 percent from 12 weeks ago.

There were mixed results among major weight classes in week 39.

The size category of 4 to 5 kg took up the largest part of the market with a share of 37 percent. Here prices were down NOK 0.27 (€0.03 /$0.03) per kilo on average to hit NOK 57.24 (€6.06/$7.00).

The second most popular size category of 3 to 4 kg had a market share of 25 percent, and here prices were up NOK 0.20 (€0.02/$0.02) per kilo over the week to hit NOK 55.17 (€5.85/$6.75) per kilo on average.

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