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Uncertainty over production confuses Norwegian salmon spot market

In general, prices are expected to be stable, if not slightly down, in the coming week.

A degree of uncertainty around future harvest volumes is causing some tension in the Norwegian salmon spot market, industry players told IntraFish.

Based on information given to IntraFish, prices are expected to soften in the coming week for smaller size fish.

Industry players told IntraFish there is enough fish in the market, even if the volume seems to be a little down for the coming weeks.

Producers have had some fish left to sell at the end, which has led to a fall in prices in recent days, and helps to create uncertainty for pricing in the coming week.

IntraFish was told the price difference between the largest salmon over 6 kg will stop, while for salmon between 3 and 6 kg, “price divisions are about to blow out and normalize,” according to one exporter.

Other players, on the other hand, report a slight decline for some sizes, while it will be stable for others.

IntraFish was told of the following prices on Friday:

  • Sizes 3 to 4 kilograms – NOK 49 (€5.20/$5.90) to NOK 50 (€5.20/$6) per kg
  • Sizes 4 to 5 kilograms -- NOK 50 (€5.20/$6) to NOK 51 (€5.40/$6.20) per kg
  • Sizes 5 to 6 kilograms – NOK 52 (€5.50/$6.30) to NOK 53 (€5.60/$6.40) per kg
  • Sizes 6 kilograms and above – NOK 60 (€6.30/$7.20) to NOK 65 (€6.80/$7.80) per kg, depending on market

And while prices in the spot market are going down, there are no big changes to see in the forward prices at Fish Pool.

The last trade was a small contract for December at NOK 67 (€7/$8.10) per kg.

“It is the general interest to buy around this level in December, and in November there is an interest in trading around NOK 63 (€6.60/$7.60) to NOK 64 (€6.70/$7.70) per kg,” Søren Martens, managing director at Fish Pool, told IntraFish.

“Everything indicates that the price will rise from November, so in comparison to today's spot price, this must be tempting.”

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