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Norwegian salmon prices climbing as EU processors stock up

'The fact that importers want to build up inventory at NOK 50 is a good sign,' exporter says.

Norwegian salmon prices are expected to rise between NOK 2 (€0.21/$0.24) - NOK 3 (€0.32/$0.37) per kilo into next week compared with last Friday, according to exporters canvassed by IntraFish.

“We have not confirmed anything yet, and there is a small battle between breeders and exporters,” said one exporter, adding that several processing plants in Europe are trying to build up their inventories.

"That they buy in the NOK 50 (€5.30/$6.10) to build stocks shows how strong the market is. It means there is an acceptance that prices at NOK 50 (€5.30/$6.10) are actually low,” he says.

Another exporter confirmed prices are rising.

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"I don’t fully understand why, but it's going up. The impression is that it is due to demand, not supply,” he said.

On Friday the exporter sold "a little" for prices of NOK 53.50 (€5.70/$6.50) per kilo to NOK 59.50 (€6.30/$7.30) per kilo for different weight classes between 3 and 6 kilos.

One salmon farmer said there big interest for salmon next week.

"We have a lot of people buying the smallest sizes to build up stock," he said.

The breeder also referred to several positive market reports from financial analysts in the last week for the fourth quarter and 2019.

IntraFish was provided the following prices on Friday afternoon, which is a mix of anticipated prices and actual prices.

• 3-4 kg - NOK 53 (€5.60/$6.50) - NOK 56 (€5.90/$6.80) / kg

• 4-5 kg ​​- NOK 54 (€5.70/$6.60) - NOK 59 (€6.20/$7.20) / kg

• 5-6 kg - NOK 59.5 (€6.30/$7.30) - NOK 62 (€6.60/$7.60) / kg

• 6 kg + - NOK 72 (€7.60/$8.80) - NOK 75 (€7.90/$9.20) / kg

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