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Nasdaq: Norwegian farmed salmon prices slide amid algal bloom chaos

Massive die-off has yet to pressure supply.

Norwegian farmed salmon prices dropped 8.17 percent in the past week, following the algal bloom that hit the northern area of the country.

Average prices reached NOK 57.75 (€5.90/$6.70) per kilogram during the period, according to the latest Nasdaq figures.

Compared to the same period last month, prices are down more than 14 percent and dipped 12.1 percent in comparison to three months ago.

Prices sunk among the most popular weight class over the past week.

Prices for the 4-5 kilogram sized fish, which hold the largest market share – 29.43 percent – decreased by NOK 4.35 (€0.45/$0.50) per kilogram during the period to NOK 59.11 (€6.10/$6.80).

Second in line was the 3-4 kilogram weight class, with a 26.42 percent market share, dipped NOK 4.20 (€0.43/$0.48) to NOK 55.46 (€5.70/$6.40) per kilogram.

Prices were also down NOK 5.28 (€0.54/$0.61) per kilogram for the 5-6 kilogram weight class to NOK 61.69 (€6.30/$7.10), in the last week.

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