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DataSalmon: Prices of Chilean salmon into the US stand still as Brazil, China markets see drop

The Chinese market has seen significant price movement over the last few weeks.

Prices for Chilean salmon headed into the United States ground to a halt in week 34, with prices of salmon shipped to Brazil and China dropping slightly, according to figures from DataSalmon.

Some salmon companies are out of harm's way and back in business as Dorian changes course, downgrades

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The average wholesale price for D trim Atlantic salmon shipped from Chile into the United States was $4.97 (€4.50) per pound for the second week running, after a small increase of $0.02 (€0.02) the week prior.

The wholesale price for head-on size 10-12 salmon going into the Brazilian increased dropped back down by $0.01 (€0.01) per kilo, to an average of $5.99 (€5.50).

Prices for salmon headed to China also fell after their prior surge in week 33, by $0.29 (€0.26) per kilo, to an average of $9.54 (€8.70).

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