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Huon touts processing practices in wake of listeria-linked deaths

Company responds to wide coverage of two deaths caused by the consumption of listeria-infected smoked salmon.

Tasmanian salmon farmer Huon Aquaculture responded to the Australian government's call to salmon farmers to safely storage and handle smoked salmon in processing operations with announcements that its facilities have been deemed listeria-free.

Following deaths this week in Australia linked to listeria-infected smoked salmon, the company said its salmon has undergone recent tests and health authorities did not find positive results for listeria.

On July 24, Australia’s Department of Health issued a statement naming smoked salmon as the likely source of the listeria infections that caused the death of three people. The agency has not named the company responsible.

“Huon’s cold smoked salmon products were recently tested by health authorities with no positive results for listeria recorded,” the company said. “No breach of Australian food safety standards was noted.”

In addition, the company said the routine inspection of our processing facility recently undertaken by the Tasmanian Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment found no evidence of non-compliance with the Food Standards Code.

The statement says Huon Aquaculture conducts daily, internal, on-site tests at its processing facility to ensure that it consistently meet the highest food safety standards, it said.

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