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How biofilters and biosecurity work well together

Biocides and biofilters are not the best of friends. Biocides kill bacteria, including the useful ones in the filter bed. But a biosecurity product that’s compatible with biofilters does exist.

Published: 28 Aug
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RAS ushers in new opportunities for aquaculture

Greater amberjack and Senegalese sole poised to create tremendous economic opportunity in European markets as recirculating aquaculture system technology matures.

Published: 19 Jul
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Can aeration solve the Norway algae crisis?

How can farms in northern Norway and other regions prevent algal blooms from decimating salmon stocks? Canada may hold the answer.

Published: 18 Jun
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Shrimp tastes sweeter with blockchain-based traceability

Collaboration between Sustainable Shrimp Partnership and IBM sets stage for platform that leverages blockchain technology to track premium Ecuadorian shrimp from farm to fork.

Published: 06 May
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Organic trace minerals: A game-changer for fish feed

From salmon to seabass, fish need the right minerals to reach their full potential. In addition to improved health and performance, trace mineral nutrition benefits the environment—and the bottom line.

Published: 27 Apr
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MSC pushes for action ahead of SDG 14 deadline

MSC can’t end overfishing alone, which is why this year’s Seafood Futures Forum in Brussels will feature a discussion with top fisheries, retailers and NGOs about what their industries can and should be doing.

Published: 17 Apr
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SSP charts next phase of farmed shrimp crusade

Sustainable Shrimp Partnership poised to pursue expansion following launch of premium products that are ASC-certified, antibiotic-free, fully traceable and have a neutral impact on local water systems.

Published: 15 Mar
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Australian RAS player primed for expansion

Industry veteran Tim Graham poised to lead PFG Group’s push for bigger slices of both marine and land-based aquaculture markets while foray into lobsters gains traction.

Published: 27 Feb
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An innovative way to reduce Listeria risks on salmon

Most salmon producers don’t realize they have a Listeria problem until it’s too late. Bacteriophages—one of the world's smallest, most abundant organisms—are on the front line of the fight to avoid outbreaks.

Published: 02 Jan
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Top seafood brands to tackle UN sustainability goals

Nomad Foods, GlobeScan and the MSC are hosting a high-level discussion about the Life Below Water sustainability objective. McDonalds and Thai Union are poised to weigh in and you can too. Here’s how.

Published: 08 Nov 2018
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Afritex to lead SFP-backed tuna FIP in East Africa

Afritex Ventures teams with Sustainable Fisheries Partnership to develop and launch Fisheries Improvement Plan for long-line tuna fisheries in Mozambique and Mauritius.

Published: 06 Nov 2018
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Aquaculture Focus: Superfood from Peru

Machu Pichu often comes to mind when we think of Peru but a rich cultural history and mountain vistas aren’t its only accolades- Peru is also home to a thriving aquaculture industry.

Published: 06 Nov 2018
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All eyes on Africa and Middle East as demand swells

Seafood demand in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia is poised to top $7 billion by 2021. The race to tap into these burgeoning markets is well underway but it isn’t too late to get in on the action.

Published: 17 Sep 2018
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20 must-watch marine entrepreneurs

Norway’s startup scene is thriving. Will eco-friendly hull cleaning, lasers that kill sea lice or underwater drones be the next big thing?

Published: 12 Sep 2018